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The Official Web Site of the State of South Carolina

SC-SIC has launched our new website at All information on this site is located there, as well, and will permanently be removed from this site on 11/20/23. 

Schools & Districts

SIC Basics

This is Your SIC - A Handbook for Effectiveness (English and EspaƱol)

SC-SIC Member Network

Current SIC Training Schedule

Current SIC District Contact List (PDF)

South Carolina's Read to Succeed Act

SIC Annual Compliance Checklist (PDF)

Materials & Information for SIC District Contacts

About the SIC Report to the Parents

District Contact Duties & Responsibilities (PDF)

SIC District Timeline (PDF)

Sample Letter of Introduction to SIC Chairs (DOC) (Note: Word document)

SC-SIC Member Network Guide for District Contacts (PDF)

SIC District Contact Digest

Training Resources for SIC District Contacts

Scheduling and Coordinating SC-SIC Training for Your District (PDF)

District Training Announcement Flyer Template (DOC) (Note: Word document)

Training Sign-In Sheet (PDF)

SIC Basics Handout (PDF)

SIC Basics Training Evaluation Form (PDF)

SIC Leadership (PDF)

SIC Leadership Evaluation Form (PDF)

Resources for Principals & Teachers

Sources for Sample Surveys

Trainings and Resources Offered by SC-SIC Partner Agencies

SC-SIC Council News Digital Newsletter

SC-SIC's In the Loop Email Update

SC Education Policy Fellowship Program (SC-EPFP)

The Carolina Family Engagement Center (CFEC)

Profile of the South Carolina Graduate (PDF)

Family & Community Engagement at the School Level

Articles, Texts and Websites

Professional Development Resources

Harvard Family Research Project


Communicating Family Engagement, a a practical guide to effectively communicating the concept of family engagement, developed by the National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement (PDF)