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SC-SIC has launched our new website at All information on this site is located there, as well, and will permanently be removed from this site on 11/20/23. 

About the SIC Report to the Parents

Each SIC is required by state law to write and distribute the Report to the Parents by April 30 of each year.

This provides an excellent opportunity to share your school's successes with the community as you report on the progress made with the school improvement plan. Be creative and use the Report to the Parents as a special marketing tool all year long!

Share a PDF of your Report to the Parents across the world by uploading it to the SC-SIC Member Network! Only SC-SIC Member Network account-holders (the school's principal, a designated staff member and/or a district-level user) may upload the Report.

The latest school year option will be available March 1. SC-SIC asks that your Report be uploaded to the Member Network by June 1.

Instructions for uploading the Report to the Parents:

  • SC-SIC Member Network account-holders (the school's principal, a designated staff member and/or a district-level user) must log in to his/her account at the SC-SIC Member Network.
  • Click the large yellow Report to the Parents button.
  • Click the large yellow Add Report button.
  • Select the correct year for the Report you are uploading from the school term drop-down box.
  • Use the Browse button to navigate to the PDF of the Report on your computer.
  • Click Submit.
  • If you have difficulty uploading your Report, the file may be too large. SC-SIC suggests that you use a site such as to compress the file if this occurs.

Please note: Councils must still distribute their Reports among their communities; uploading only to the Member Network site does not satisfy statutory accountability.

Each school may upload one PDF version of their Report each year. Schools are encouraged to take this opportunity to tell other SICs - and the world! - what they have accomplished.

The Reports to the Parents are viewable on the SC-SIC Member Network's public, read-only view.

  • Report to the Parents template is provided below as a tool to help you craft your SIC’s annual Report. (NOTE: this is not a true MS Word template; it is a document.) The template can be used directly – download and insert the material for your school – or as a guide highlighting the various areas and information which the SC School Improvement Council recommends for inclusion in your SIC’s Report.

Report to the Parents template (DOC) (Note: Word document. To download, right-click on the link and select "Save target as.")