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SC-SIC has launched our new website at All information on this site is located there, as well, and will permanently be removed from this site on 11/20/23. 

COVID-19 Relief Funding for Schools

ESSER & ARP Plans - Monitoring Implementation in Districts & Schools

South Carolina has received over $3 billion of federal aid to address the educational impacts of COVID-19. This guide – developed by the Carolina Family Engagement Center (CFEC) in conjunction with the SC School Improvement Council (SC-SIC) –  is intended to assist education stakeholders (such as parents, communities, and local SICs) in accessing basic information about state and district levels of funding, how those funds can be used, as well as local and statewide plans to expend them to assist schools and students.

COVID-19 Relief Funding for South Carolina K-12 Education (webinar, June 3, 2021)