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The Engagement for Outcomes Program

In Engagement for Outcomes, participating School Improvement Councils work side-by-side with SC-SIC staff for 12-18 months on at least one goal and activity selected by the SIC. SICs learn to use strategic planning processes to achieve meaningful improvements for their school. They also learn how to build their SIC into a strong, effective organization which sustains success over time.

For Engagement for Outcomes, an SC-SIC staff person is assigned to each participating SIC. That staff person attends regular SIC meetings every month and delivers training in brief modules as the SIC is ready to use them. SIC members also receive ongoing coaching in strategies to improve member recruitment and retention, run effective meetings, raise SIC visibility, and sustain their growth. The SIC's assigned staff person keeps in touch by phone and email between meetings to answer questions and provide encouragement to SIC members as they work on assignments they have made themselves.

SC-SIC accepts applications for Engagement for Outcomes on a rolling basis. Once all slots are filled, enrollment will close until one or more SICs complete their 12-18 month cycle. If your SIC is interested in applying, please contact SC-SIC Coordinator of Council Services Karen Utter ( to check on available slots and to obtain an application. Applications must be signed jointly by the school principal and the SIC chair.

Engagement for Outcomes flyer (PDF)

Engagement for Outcomes Program Outline (PDF)