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Online SIC Training

graphic of Tom HudsonOnline SIC Training Modules

The following three training modules were created as companions to the published SIC handbook, This Is Your SIC: A Handbook for Effectiveness. They are each approximately 20 minutes long.

The videos are viewed via Adobe Connect®. You may be prompted to to download and install the application.


The Basics of Organizing an SIC

Covering: the numbers and types of SIC members; the methods of selecting SIC members; SIC nominations and elections; SIC officers; membership reporting requirements. (Aligned with Appendix A of the Handbook.)

The Basics of Operating an SIC

Covering: SIC bylaws; effective SIC meetings; Freedom of Information Act requirements; recruiting and retaining SIC members; ongoing SIC training and technical assistance. (Aligned with Appendix B of the Handbook.)

Basic Local SIC Duties

Covering: SIC duties related to the School Improvement Plan; participation in Plan development; setting SIC goals and implementing SIC activities; reporting on SIC and school progress through the annual SIC Report to the Parents and the SC School Report Card narrative. (Aligned with the main text of the Handbook.)