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New edition of "Council News," Vol. 38, Issue 1 available now!

2017 Riley Award for SIC Excellence Winner,
South Pointe High School Improvement Council

Rock Hill Schools (York School District 3)

South Pointe SIC, 2017 Riley Award winner (Rock Hill schools)

South Pointe High SIC named winner of 2017 Riley Award for School Improvement Council Excellence 03-18-2017










 L - R: Tyrone Hart, Mildred Douglass (Rock Hill School Board), Dick Riley (former SC Governor and former US Secretary of Education), Principal Al Leonard, Rebecca Gilleland (SIC Chair), Linda Gilmore, and Tom Hudson (Executive Director, SC SIC)

Riley Award winner, South Pointe High SIC, and Honorable Mentions Bluffton Middle SIC, Harbison West SIC, South Florence High SIC, & St. James Elementary SIC
Ellen M. Still, SIC Advocate of the Year

2017 SC-SIC Annual Meeting materials

The 2017 Annual Meeting was a huge success! Click the link above to download the agenda and presentations by our speakers and Riley Award finalists.