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Here SIC members and officers can find useful information, materials, and ideas to help them carry out their SIC duties.
Here parents and community members can access resources on SICs and other family/community engagement efforts.
Here school and district leaders can locate information to aid them in supporting the effectiveness and impact of their SICs.


Education Talk Radio graphicArchived on Education Talk Radio, check out SC-SIC Executive Director Tom Hudson and Ebinport Elementary SIC Chair Jessica Adamson as they discuss "School Improvement Councils that Work!"

Riley Award deadline extended

Due to the extended closure of schools in a number of districts after Hurricane Matthew, SC-SIC has extended the deadline for submitting Level One applications for the Riley Award for SIC Excellence to Friday, December 2 at 5:00 pm. This year, applications can be submitted electronically to, submitted by US Mail or express delivery, or hand delivered to the SC-SIC office.


SC-SIC Training brochure imageDownload a brochure describing trainings offered to SICs statewide by SC-SIC!


Become a member of your child's success team!

The family-friendly guides to South Carolina academic standards graphicThe Family-Friendly Guides to South Carolina Academic Standards provide information for parents and families about what their children should be learning in school. These standards are a collaborative effort of the SC Department of Education and the SC Education Oversight Committee. You can explore the academic standards for each grade level by clicking on the corresponding icons at the top of the page at